Tech Support for all your devices In the West Cork Area.

Child Safe Home Access Point

Protect the children in your home by installing a child safe internet access point. Installation is easy and comes with peace of mind. Add all your children’s devices and restrict access to adult sites and applications using an easy to use App controlled from your phone. Prices start at €130 including installation. A Call out fee may apply.

Tech Support Munster

Technical Support for all your home smart devices in the Munster area. Rates of €20 euro per hour. Call out fee applies depending on location. WiFi extenders, Meshed networks, Smart T.V setup general Microsoft & Apple support issues


In today’s world of powerful handheld smart devices, children accessing the internet unrestricted is a daily concern for parents. It has become more and more of a concern in recent years where younger and younger children using these devices for school, games and watching videos online. NetSafe hopes to combat this ever-present risk by offering products for home use which can monitor, block and restrict children’s access to the internet at the router level, making the home an internet safe zone offering parents peace of mind and control over their child’s internet activity. This solution does not require you to install any software on the devices you wish to restrict as all internet traffic is filtered at the router level it just requires a control app installed on the parents device. It also allows you to assign different access rights for different ages as well as restrict internet access times.


Network Setup & Installation.

NetSafe offers new smart device setup and troubleshooting.  Something not working how it should ? devices not connecting to each other any other technical issues NetSafe is here to help. Software issues on Mac or Windows we can help.


Tired of connecting to different access access points within your home?. A meshed network may be for you. Meshed technology allows seamless connectivity within your home or business. Meshed technology allows the seamless connection to all devices within your home removing network segmentation caused by other technologies. You will have one access point one network and your device will automatically connect to the node with the best WiFi signal. No more cumbersome WDS setup or multiple access points. Connect to all devices within your home or business from any room.

Traditional WiFi Network

Meshed Seamless Network


With an ever growing array of smart devices within the home technical problems do occur. From WiFi coverage issues to smart device/Network device setup. Netsafe can help with setup of NAS(Network Attached Storage), Printers, Automated Backup solutions, Smart TV’s and general connectivity issues. It always seems there is something going wrong ! why not setup your home connectivity in the right way and remove the headache. Call us now.

  • Connectivity Issues – Poor WiFi, cloud setup, computer setup

  • Mobile Devices– Sync issues, setup and backup

  • Backup Solutions– Disaster recovery time machine implemntation

  • Disaster recovery – Deleted something your shouldn’t have

  • Smart Device Setup –Support & Setup of all your smart devices


Need a website developed Netsafe can help. With years of Website Development Experience we can implement a WordPress CMS website at very competitive rates. You will be able to manage your own content via WordPress’s backend interface. All Websites are mobile ready and produced to the highest standards.


Tech Support Munster Area

Need help setting up your new or old smart devices give me a call 0860738189 or PM me. It might be that you need help setting up your smart TV, child protection on a new internet connection or tablet, setting up Netflix, chromecast, WiFi repeaters(meshed networks) for full WiFi coverage in your home. Maybe you need help setting a new computer give me a call. Currently serving the West Cork Area. Rates of €20 Euro per hour plus call out fee. Minimum charge €20 euro.


Any questions give us a call or send us a mail. Response time is usually within 24hrs Monday to Friday. Use the form below or call us on 0860738189, email : support@netsafe.ie.